Planning and Coordination of an Office Move

The Golden Gate Company does, every day, what most companies do once every five to ten years. As part of our Move Management services, we plan, coordinate and manage each business relocation to save money, save time, avoid business disruption, and minimize business risk.

A mis-handled move can be very costly to your company for many reasons: lost revenue during unexpected downtime, a tarnished company image, technology transition failure, and loss of employee morale, to name a few.

As your move coordinator, our role is to:

  • Develop a complete relocation project plan
  • Negotiate the best possible contract with the mover
  • Enhance the operational efficiencies in your new space
  • Manage every detail of the move
  • Allow you and your people to productively focus on your business

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A few of the critical issues our move coordinators manage in planning your move include:

  • Minimize Downtime: what revenue will your business lose if your people and technology are not able to run your business?
  • Enhance Morale: what is the cost to your business if the stress of an office move increases absenteeism and turnover?
  • Maintain Productivity: what is the cost to your business when employees are distracted or take longer than required to settle into the new space?

Your move coordinator will meet with you weekly to review the project plan, maintain the schedule, identify key tasks and contingencies, and communicate clearly with your people.

We’ll flexibly fill in where you most need us to compliment your staff, handle the details, and minimize risk. We’ll make sure your employees are included in the process but not overwhelmed by it.

Our move coordinators have managed dozens of successful business moves, including moves for San Jose State University, Grant Thornton, McKinsey & Co., and San Francisco State University.

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